Dr. Cynequa Caldwell, DC

Chiropractic Nutritionist



Here at Chiropractic & Wholistic Health Center we specialize in joint health; all joints! Together, we help you obtain optimal nerve function through preserving joint health and integrity with Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy.

In today’s world eating balanced meals to get all the nutrients the body needs to function optimally is a challenge. However, we are here to support your immune system by filling the gaps in your diet with whole food supplements. A nutrition consultation will specifically identify the areas you need the most support based on your current dietary intake.

Massage Therapy is often a perfect complement to a patients' chiropractic care by aiding with multiple conditions. Dr. Cynequa offers massage therapy using infinity massage chairs. Please call for scheduling or book online at this website

Would you or someone you love like support cleaning your body of toxins accumulated from what we consume, the environment, chemicals? We can provide that support with a 10 day cleans or 21 day cleanse.

Do you suffer from occasional muscle fatigue, pain, or anxiety? Here at Chiropractic & Wholistic Health Center we offer topical and ingestible Organic CBD creams and tinctures and Essential Oils to bring calmness to the body and mind, so you can continue with your day without discomfort. Inquire today for more information!

Children (outside of athletes) are the roughest on their bodies. We help keep them active and moving towards their goals while working to prevent injuries as well as provide guidance post injury to promote shorter healing times and less stress on the body through the healing process.

Our Goal is to Make You Feel Great for
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